Vaccine Education

For those of us who have discovered the serious flaws in the vaccine program, you know that it can be a difficult topic to broach with others, especially for introverts like me who’d rather not talk period. 😉 With all that has been going on here in California and around the country and world, I realized that I can no longer stay silent. Things will only get worse unless a massive amount of people wake up.

Inspired by watching someone leave Learn the Risk sticky notes everywhere they went, I decided to create my own. These two were created for the purpose of educating our local churches about the fetal cells in vaccines, as I’ve realized most Christians are not aware, but I’ve also been leaving them in public bathroom stalls, on baby items in grocery stores, grocery carts, gas pumps, gated community keypads, Jump bikes, . . . the opportunities are endless! If you would like to join me in this venture, feel free to snag the images and order your own sticky notes (right click-view image to get the full res, then right click and save). The graphics were created specifically for this product. Be sure you search for a coupon code before ordering; Vista Print usually has a deal going on.

I own the copyright to the images. Do not edit them without permission from me and keep in mind that this is a dear friend’s baby on the graphics who is helping us raise awareness to protect her and children like her; please treat her with respect. I also ask that you follow the law and be respectful in where and how you leave the sticky notes.

MRC-5 is now available in a sign format. I will work on one for WI-38 soon. This was printed as a 24×36 sign from Office Depot (poster mounted on foam core). The quality was reasonable and they were able to have it done in just a few hours (last minute purchase for an event, so that was great), but it was not the sturdiest. I ended up using command strips to back it to one of Josh Coleman’s V is for Vaccine signs for that reason. Next time I order a sign, I’ll go through whichever company he used for those.

This graphic on Biblical reasons not to vaccinate, I created to hand out at Christian events. Feel free to share online or print. For printing, print the double version on 8.5×11 paper and cut in half with a paper trimmer. The single version is not formatted to print on it’s own and the quality will likely not be good.

Single Version

Double Version