Tuolumne County Children’s Photographer | A Blessed Family

How I love this family!  Their parents were my youth pastors when I was growing up and they meant so much to me at the time.  They still do.  It was beautiful photographing their wonderful children!  At their young ages they have already traveled three continents as missionaries and have such interesting insights and knowledge.

Joshua is a well-spoken young man, polite and so caring.

Check out those gorgeous lips!

Josiah presents himself as a very confident boy, very sure of who he is, and I truly believe he is.

The following expression was a result of telling him he looked just like his sister in the previous image.  How I love the laughter.

Jonathan was a little nervous with my taking his portraits.  Despite that, we got some beautiful images of this handsome boy.  I remember snuggling with him at youth group when he was just a few days old.  He was a peaceful baby.

You saw a sneak peek of this one a few days ago.  Little Miss Hannah, the firecracker of the family.  This kid is something else!  I can’t wait to see who she grows into because you just know, in watching her, that she is going to be someone great!

Wyn Hello! I found your blog on Google and I really like your photos!