Beautiful Sisters ~ Sacramento Children’s Photographer

What fun it was to photograph these darling, stylish sisters!  Big Sister loves having her photo taken and was a fabulous, little model and a great big sister!  Baby Girl was on the go the whole time!  Why sit still for a picture when they are so many interesting things to explore?  She’s got the right idea!

cute sisters in pink peeking through a fence

black and white photo of baby girl in tutu crawling

baby girl in pink and black crawling and making a funny face

serious little girl with pretty green eyes wearing heart shirt

laughing little girl wearing pink tutu

close up photo of little girl with gorgeous blue/green eyes and blonde hair

laura aw...what cuties!! you can definitely tell they are sisters with those gorgeous eyes!
Michele Abel Fabulous photos. The girls are beautiful!
Melinda These are gorgeous. Great job. The girls are simply adorable.
Amanda Zika These are absolutely beautiful! I don't howin the world the parents are going to pick a fav because they are all fabulous!
Jennifer O. They are so totally adorable!