Sacramento Engagement Photographer | Beautiful Couple

My New Year’s resolution is to get (and stay) caught up on blog posts.  I’ve got sessions from way back in April that never got blogged, lol.  To kick my resolution off, let me introduce you to Tuolumne County’s best looking and sweetest couple!  We met up at Historic Railtown in Jamestown for our photo shoot.

young married couple posing for Sacramento photographer on a rustic caboose with peeling red paint

beautiful young married couple posing on a vintage train during their photoshoot in Tuolumne County CA

beautiful married couple holding each other, backlit by the evening sun, posing for the Sacramento photographer in front of a vintage train shed

beautiful young couple kissing under a tree in front of a sun dappled rustic red building

a handsome young married couple sitting lovingly together on the grass in front of a rustic red train shed in Jamestown CA

young couple laying sweetly together on the grass during their portrait session in Jamestown CA

Young married couple laying together in the grass during their photo shoot in Tuolumne County, CA.  She's laughing on his chest as he tenderly kisses the top of her head.

 They brought along their sweet Indie for a few photos as well.  What a funny little dog she was!  She even smiled for the camera, lol.

adorable young married couple posing with their little white dog for Sacramento photographer

little white dog sitting with cocked ear

 And we’ll end with that, but if you feel the need to see more photos, have a visit at my Facebook page. 🙂

Beth Ross These are gorgeous Naomi! I love the one of them kissing and the backlit one on the tracks. They are a beautiful couple.
Sarah J Great job! What a beautiful couple. Your processing looks great!
Julie Love how you captured this couples LOVE!!! Beautiful pictures
Amanda I love the the post processing! The color is amazing! These images are fab!
Stacey M GREAT images... love them all! And wow, you are in a great spot for that location. That is a GREAT spot!!