Petit Session Locations

Seymour Park Session-$500

This beautiful park, located in the Greenhaven neighborhood of Sacramento, is a lovely spot of scenery.  With a large expanse of green lawn and beautiful backgrounds all around, this location is perfect for little ones who might have difficulty sitting still for their portraits.  Evening is the prime time for portraits at this location.  Approximately 1-2 hours before sunset, this park is aglow with the beautiful golden light seen in the images below.



Woods Session – $500

Tree lined trails, climbing stumps and logs, ivy covered woods, this location is a magical spot for childhood portraits!

Little girl playing in the woods in Sacramento




Land Park Session – Spot A -$500

This lovely garden is a spot of year-round foliage.  Brimming with flowers in the spring and greenery in the winter and meandering paths all through, it is a perfect portrait background year-round.



Land Park Session- Spot B -$500

Another pretty Land Park spot, this garden is lined with short stone walls and high hedges.



River Location -$500

With a narrow path leading through a woods, fallen trees and branches to climb, and a tiny beach along the rivers edge, this spot is perfect for tiny adventurers and nature lovers both.  Due to this location’s high trails and proximity to the river, I do not recommend it for children who are not sure-footed or able to follow direction (ie: if you have a new walker or a little daredevil who’s likely to attempt a climb down the hillside or a swim in the river, let’s give one of the other locations a go for now 😉 )



Old Sacramento Session-$550

Brick walls, colorful buildings, cobblestone streets and board walkways throughout, this location offers a fun variety of backgrounds for your portraits.

Sacramento-Baby-Photographer-Locations-Old SacramentoSpacer


Capitol Park Session-$550

Between the beautiful architecture of the Capitol Building and the colorful gardens of the grounds, this park is a lovely spot for portraits.