One Year Old San Francisco Home Lifestyle Portraits

This family had just moved from overseas to San Francisco and was starting over completely from scratch in furnishing their home. They were a little concerned that the mostly unfurnished rooms would be too empty for lifestyle portraits, but I was sure we could make it work. As it turned out, the simplicity of their little home worked out perfectly! They had only a kitchen table, a bed, a shelf for the baby’s toys, and a wide expanse of beautiful wooden flooring for the baby to crawl about on. A perfect setting for this photographer!

Prior to my arriving, Mom had put together a few outfits for the baby that she thought might photograph nicely and laid them out for me to go through. Included in the outfits was this cute pair of purple overalls that were Mom’s when she was a baby! Well, of course that had to be the first outfit worn for the photos! I adore overalls on babies and I love when we can include multi-generational elements in a family’s portrait session. It adds just that extra little bit of sentimental value to the photos.

Oh, those sweet, little toes!

Caught making a mess, haha! I was told that every day she would pull all the books off the shelf and read them each, one-by-one. What a little bookworm!

I love her sweet little face with those round cheeks and long lashes! When I had first walked into the house at the beginning of the session and was introducing myself to the family, this sweet little thing flashed me the CUTEST grin and held her arms out to me to be hugged! Melt my heart!

Hanging out on the family bed. That colorful patchwork quilt made such a lovely splash of color in these otherwise minimalistic photos. Such a beautiful setting for her portraits!

I love this wooden giraffe by Melissa and Doug! Simple, wooden toys make the sweetest photo props!

Peeking out the window to watch the birds chirping and flying by was a favorite past time of this little one. How precious is she, up on her tiptoes, just barely able to see out the window. So tiny! I love how the window light accentuates those sweet, round cheeks!

For the last half of the session, we decided to take a walk to Mission Dolores Park and let the baby crawl around and play outside for a bit. What a fun playground this was with such a beautiful view! Baby girl loved flying in the swings!


Windswept hair!

All those teeth at just thirteen months old! And such beautiful eyes!

The baby needed a little nursing session while we were at the park, so we captured a few photos of that as well. I love doing breastfeeding portraits and seeing that sweet bond between mom and baby!

I’m now booking for spring sessions in Sacramento, the Bay Area and elsewhere in northern California. Shoot me an email at to get your spring portraits on the schedule. I’d love to photograph your family!

Jennifer L Omg I just adore all these photos of the gorgeous baby girl. Love how you captured her joy.
Gail Harrison Not only are there the beautiful photos, the darling toes, the intimate family touches, the child's personality, but the photographer shares her heart towards her photography subject.
cait these are simply GORGEOUS photos and such a dream to have now! so glad you were able to share such a wonderful photographer!

Top 15 Photos of 2018 in Sacramento

Well, here we are, at the start of another year! I say it every year, but I can’t believe how quickly that blew by!  Especially when I photograph the little faces that, by my memory, should only be about two years old and then they show up to their sessions almost as tall as I am! How the heck does that happen?!  Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from this past year. I’ve had a ridiculously hard time narrowing them down for this post, but here are my favorite 15 images of 2018 (plus a family bonus)!

Young children and their kitten lying in bed as big brother read a story to his younger siblings

First up is this adorable sibling trio and their tiny kitty reading books together in bed!  How sweet!

As a side note, the book Big Brother is reading to his brother and sister was written and illustrated by my friend Pip Craighead.  (As a shameless plug for him, click this link to find his book on Amazon.)

Giggling little boy

I love this moment of captured giggles.  He was trying to be a turd and not give me any nice smiles.  Boys, haha!  Well, his plan didn’t work.  He burst into giggles at his own naughtiness and I was ready to catch them!

Gymnast doing a handstand in the tunnel at Old Sacramento

Any chance this photo makes you go ouch?!  This flexible, young gymnast was so fun to photograph and the murals in the tunnel at Old Sac make the coolest backdrop!

Portrait of a little girl giggling with her front teeth missing

Okay, people, when your children lose their first teeth, pleeease schedule a session for them!  Giggles and gaps!  I love it!!!  Those toothless smiles are so precious and so brief!

One year old toddler and his mom feeding the family chickens

Feeding the chickens with his Mama at home.  A little bit of urban farm life for this family.  I love it!  Lifestyle home sessions are my favorite!

Toddler girl exploring the woods in Sacramento

What’s around the bend?  Exploring the woods during this session was so much fun!  Did you know we had this little spot of nature in suburban Sacramento?  Taking a walk in the woods right in South Land Park!

 Child taking a big bite into an apple and spraying juices

Each autumn, this little boy eagerly awaits for the apples on his grandma’s trees to ripen.  How satisfying is that first bite into a big, juicy apple!

New mother snuggling her little baby

This image just melts my heart.  A new mama sharing snuggles with her baby boy, fresh and clean from his bath.

Dancer leaping in front of a downtown Sacramento mural

This mural, by Kristin Farr, in downtown Sacramento is so cool!  So is this athletic kid having a jog mid-air in front of it!  Super powers!

Closeup portrait of a smiling little girl

I adore simple, timeless photos like this that show nothing but the child’s eyes and natural expressions.  These are often the most treasured photos for the families I photograph.

Closeup portrait of baby curls

One final shot of his baby curls before we went to the barber shop for his first haircut.  I love when a family contacts me to capture milestones like this!  So touching to be a part of these special moments!

Brothers hugging for photo at the Sacramento Capitol Park

Somehow, in the last few years, I’ve become mainly a boy photographer.  It’s been a really fun challenge to get bored little boys who don’t want their photos taken to actually kind of enjoy the photo shoot and come out with gorgeous photos like this one!  It usually requires the use of potty language, encouraging brothers to pinch each other’s butts, lol, and allowing lots of running, climbing and jumping, but for results like this, it’s totally worth it!  Anyway, there’s your warning, boy parents who are considering hiring me.  I will encourage your sons to talk about poop, give them permission to fart and burp, and tell them to squeeze each other till their guts start spilling out. 😉

 Baby boy relaxing in his lounge chair by the pool

Chilling poolside!  The coolest little babe I ever did see, sunning himself with two sets of shades!  Way too cute!

Family portrait taken during their Sacramento home remodel

As family portraits are only a side-part of my business (child and lifestyle sessions are my specialty), I rarely show family portraits on my website, but this one was too fun not to share!  This family was having a complete kitchen remodel done and, as it was going to be a three month disruption, they wanted to capture that time for their family memories.  So, the day after the old kitchen was ripped out, I came by, dressed up the little one as a mini construction worker, and we took an assortment of super fun photos!  I think their Christmas card this year was the most unique I’ve ever seen!  Next session coming up, an update photo in their new and beautiful kitchen!

Toddler boy dressed up as a World War II fighter pilot for Halloween

Of course, I must share a photo from our annual Halloween mini sessions here in Land Park, Sacramento.  Six years now of doing these and we’ve collected thousands of diapers and wipes for Sac Loaves and Fishes.  Truly a highlight of my business year.  This little guy made the cutest World War II fighter pilot in his Halloween costume!  I love his “don’t mess with me” stance (with his blankie and binky in tow, lol).

Headshot of five year old model child

Now, if you’ve been counting, you’ll have realized I already shared 15 images, but do you know how difficult it is to go through hundreds and hundreds of photos and narrow them down to only 15 favorites?!  Especially when one has a nephew as beautiful as mine? 😉  It’s near impossible!  So here’s a bonus image of my brother and sister’s gorgeous boy!  Gosh, I love this kid and his darling smirk!

Thank you so much for having me come photograph all your sweet kids this last year and I hope to see everyone again in 2019!  Happy New Year!

Gail Delightful, captures the essence of the child.
Crystal // Dreams, etc. What precious kids! These are so cute!
Linh Oh my heart! These photos are just beautiful and screams happiness!
Linh Oh my heart! These photos are just beautiful and screams happiness!

Sacramento Halloween Portrait Fun

Kids wearing Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Halloween Mini Sessions to raise diapers for Sacramento Loaves and Fishes!  This is our sixth year of doing this fundraiser and I’m finding it so fun that several families have booked every single year since the beginning!


Saturday, October 20


Land Park, Sacramento


One package of diapers and wipes.  Larger and toddler sizes are the most needed, but any size you bring will be welcome!

Send me an email at with your 2-3 preferred time slots to book your spot (I’ll do my best to assign you one of your preferred times).

Session Times


The Details
Bring a package of diapers, a package of baby wipes and your child dressed in their Halloween costume.  The diapers and wipes will be donated to the Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.  Sessions will be 3-5 minutes long and you will receive two digital portraits of your child via email.  Due to the short nature of these sessions, sibling portraits will not be possible.


A Great New Children’s Book – Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Two brothers and a little sister reading Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Recently, a childhood friend of mine, Pip Craighead, released his first children’s book.  With him being a friend and me being a lover of children’s lit, naturally, I had to buy a copy.  Can I just say wow!  Pip’s illustrations are delightful and so unique!  When we were kids, I remember him sketching characters just like Little Francis, and I think it’s awesome that that character remained so close to him as to make a starring appearance in this book so many years later.

Seven Year Old Boy Reading Childrens Book Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Little Francis Falls Asleep is about a young boy’s journey to find rest one sleepless night.  The book teaches us that we can find peace and rest simply by trusting that God is in control.  Isn’t that a lesson we all need to remember?!  Pip has a charming way with words that captivates the young reader and the bold pictures are delightful and just bring the story to life!  As a side note, I really appreciate that Little Francis has impeccable manners in this story.  What a way to reinforce what we’re trying to teach our children!

Little Francis Falls Asleep can be purchased at and Amazon Prime

If you want to follow more of Pip’s work, he can be found at, Twitter and Instagram.Portrait of a Young Boy Reading a Storybook at a Sacramento Park

Three Siblings Snuggled up in Bed with Their Kitten Reading a Children's Book Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Siblings reading a book together in bed

Young Boy Reading a Fun Childrens Bedtime Story Little Francis Falls Asleep

Two brothers and a sister reading a bedtime story Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Christa These pictures are so precious! I think reading with our kids is such a great way to reinforce those lessons we try to teach them.
Cindy Sounds like a wonderful book...and what sweet photos!
Clare @ Oh These Are The Good Old Days these pictures of the kiddos are precious. what a talented photographer and what a gift to cherish!