Ten Most Memorable Photos of 2016

The year 2016 took me all over the counties of Sacramento, Placer, Tuolumne, San Francisco and Marin to photograph tiny newborns, beautiful babies and fun-loving children!  It was a wonderful, busy year!  I met so many great new families and saw again all of my annual clients whose children were a little bit older, a little bit bigger and a little bit more grown up than the last time I saw them.  This job is so rewarding and so much fun, capturing the amazing personalities of these beautiful children as they grow up!  Here are a few of my favorite images taken during 2016 portrait sessions.

San Francisco city kid pouting during her lifestyle portraits at homeThis was not a planned photo.  I was standing on a chair to get a different angle for her baby brother’s newborn portraits.  She was standing near him, just watching what was going on, when she glanced up at me.  Less than a second and she had darted across the room, but I caught those gorgeous blue eyes and sweet expression!

little boy climbing trees at the Berkeley Marina during his photo shootI have noticed a pattern when I have portrait sessions with boys, particularly little boys.  They need to be moving, exploring, discovering!  With little girls, they are much more likely to stand still and work with the camera.  But when I photograph small boys, I need to make sure I have something for them to do or a game for them to play, and then I watch and wait for the rare moments when they turn their eyes to me.  With this little guy, we had ducked under some of the low branches that line the pathways of the Berkeley Marina and discovered a small clearing with this awesome tree that was growing out sideways.  He spent quite a bit of time climbing and exploring the tree and I took a wonderful collection of images that so capture a wild and free boyhood!

Little girl in purple running in a hedge lined garden in Land Park SacramentoI’ve been photographing this young girl since she was seven months old.  Now she is seven YEARS old!  She has grown into a sweet and beautiful girl and it was so fun to photograph her once again!

Brothers running and laughing through the pathways in Land Park SacramentoRemember how I said above that little boys often need something to DO during portraits?  For this photo, I simply told them “I bet you can’t run down the path with your arms touching the entire time!”  They took my bet and won, haha!  But really I won because they didn’t want to take photos, but I made it look like they actually love taking photos, haha!

Newborn baby sleeping amongst the wildflowers in Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon CAWe had to do an all-outdoors session for this sweet four-week-old baby.  It was chilly and windy just off the bay and he was a touch on the fussy side.  But as soon as I laid him down in this cozy spot under the wildflowers, I could see his body just relax and he fell into an immediate deep sleep.  The calming power of nature!

Curly headed baby sitting sweetly with clasped hands during her portrait session in Sacramento's William Land ParkI got to photograph this pretty baby every three months, from her newborn portraits to her first year portraits!  It was so much fun seeing how much she had changed and grown in those few months between each of the sessions!  These two images are from her nine month session.  Those bright eyes and clasped hands!  Need I say more?  Such sweetness!

Newborn baby sleeping in his mother's handsSleeping under the calming touch of his mother’s hands.  This was at the very end of his newborn session after I had already packed up my equipment.  The moment was so sweet, I just couldn’t let it pass without capturing it.  Mom just laughed as I pulled out my camera again, stood up on the bed and started snapping.

Brothers laughing together during portrait session on the Sacramento RiverBrothers!  This shot just makes me laugh!  A real life moment of brotherly love, haha!

Black-and-white portrait of baby boy playing in his San Francisco home during lifestyle portrait sessionSo simple, so classic, so sweet!

Redheaded baby making funny faces by pursing her lipsRed hair, outrageous personality and pulling funny faces at the camera!  This baby girl was an absolute blast to photograph and those pursed lips make me chuckle every time I see this photo.  Definitely a fave!


Sacramento and Sonoma CA Christmas Mini Sessions

Brothers in superhero sweaters acting goofy for their Christmas portraits in Land Park Sacramento

It’s time for my Last Minute Mini Sessions to capture a few fun portraits for your Christmas cards!  November is fully booked and sessions taking place during the month of December will not have guaranteed Christmas delivery, so if you still need portraits done for your holiday cards and gifts, now is your chance!

When:  Saturday, November 12th
Where:  Sonoma Town Square (morning) and Sacramento Capitol Building (afternoon)
Cost:  $250
What:  20 minute portrait session and 5 digital images

Your portraits will be delivered to you via email within one week of your session.  Email me at naomiharrisonphotography@gmail.com to reserve your spot!


Sacramento Halloween Mini Sessions 2016

One more Halloween mini session event in the books and I’ve now got a small mountain of diapers and wipes sitting in my living room waiting to be taken to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.  Thanks to everyone who came by!  It was fun!  Check out some of the cute characters who showed up!

We had Anna from Frozen

Red haired child dressed up as Anna from Frozen

A lego guy

Young boy dressed up as a legoman from the Lego movie

A baby Lucille Ball holding her Vitameatavegimon!  This little one’s mother has some mad sewing skills; she made the costume herself!

Redheaded baby girl dressed up as Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy

A baby Nemo who wouldn’t stop swimming around the park (I won’t tell you how many blurry photos I had to take to get these three, haha)!  And I had to make sure to capture a photo of how his headdress created the cutest double chin!

Baby boy dressed up in a Disney's Nemo costume

 Three Jedis (and a Jedi American Girl doll)!

Girl and her American Girl doll dressed up as Jedis from Star Wars

Boy dressed up as Jedi fighter pilot from Star Wars for Halloween

Boy dressed up as Star Wars Jedi costume for Halloween

And a feisty pirate!

A fierce pirate girl brandishing her dagger

And a bonus photo of Little Lucy that I adore!

Red haired toddler dressed up as I Love Lucy and grinning adorably at the camera

Hope you all enjoy your children’s portraits!  Thanks for coming and hopefully see you for next year’s event!


Sacramento Halloween Mini Sessions

Redhead baby girl dressed up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween

It’s time for my 4th Annual Halloween Mini Sessions to raise diapers for Sacramento Loaves and Fishes!


Saturday, October 22


Land Park, Sacramento


One package of diapers and wipes.  Larger and toddler sizes are the most needed, but any size you bring will be welcome!

Send me an email at naomiharrisonphotography@gmail.com to book your spot!

Available Spots