Mother + Son Photo Shoot at the State Capitol

This super sweet mother and son photo shoot took place at the California State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. The bond between them was beautiful to see and photograph. Though boys are not usually a fan of having their portraits done, this young man was so sweet and cooperative, willingly posing for his mom and me and coming up with ideas of his own.

mother and son portrait at the State Capitol building in Sacramento
a lifestyle portrait of a mother and her child

The Capitol Building in Sacramento makes the perfect location for modern classic portraits. The pillared architecture and black-and-white tile are stunning!

little boy at California State Capitol

Blue shirts with blue eyes always work great in portraits!

a modern classic portrait in Sacramento
black and white photo of young boy looking soulfully into camera

What a handsome young man!

headshot of a child in downtown Sacramento

He may be shy, but we got a giggle! Fart app for the win once again!

black-and-white portrait of little boy giggling
smiling boy with bright blue eyes wearing a blue shirt

Such a sweet moment between this mother and her little boy!

black and white portrait of mother and son laughing together

I love photographing the mother and child bond! So often mothers are the ones capturing the daily snapshots that they miss out on actually being in the photos with their children. Sound familiar? Don’t allow yourself to be missing from your children’s photographic memories. One day they will want to look at those photos and remember the times they spent with you. Let’s capture those memories together! Contact me to book a mother and child photoshoot.