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toddler girl in blue dress laughing with a rainbow mural behind her

Imagine Play Elk Grove

Nestled in a cluster of small warehouses in Elk Grove, you will find the best rainy day haven for toddlers in the Sacramento area. Recently opened in 2016, this small play area has an abundance of magical adventures for little imaginations.

toddler girl in blue dress holding a stuffed dog laughing in front of a rainbow mural

So big it just misses the ceiling by inches, this awesome castle structure provides much active entertainment for energetic littles! From small princesses and tiny kings to little daredevils who love to fly down swift slides, this castle will capture the imaginations and energy of all!

large play castle with slide at a kids play place in Elk Grove
toddler girl playing on a castle themed playground slide at Imagine Play Elk Grove

This incredible pirate ship play structure appears to be a favorite among the small visitors. Whether it be Moana in her quest to save her people or a band of pirates in search of a treasure island, your child is sure to sail away on some exciting adventure!

child running in front of yellow pirate ship play structure with slide at Imagine Play
toddler girl playing on yellow pirate ship at Imagine Play indoor playground
little girl playing on indoor yellow ship playground and slide in Elk Grove

I adore this little garden area at Imagine Play! Here, your children can learn about where our food comes from by plucking carrots from the garden, growing beets and celery and potatoes on the felt board and picking lemons from the lemon tree to make sweet drinks at the lemonade stand. As the farm-to-fork capital of America, I think this little play set is the perfect addition for a Sacramento kid’s play area!

child being imaginative with a homemade play garden area at a rainy day kid's activity in Sacramento

This little play set seems to be a favorite for the kids! They sure love serving up ice-cream out of this adorable ice-cream cart! Mint chip anyone?

child serving up Melissa and Doug ice-cream at a Sacramento play area

This giant light brite is so cool! I even caught one of the dads playing with it! Well . . . I guess I was playing with it too at one point, so . . . 😉

child playing with a giant lite brite at a Sacramento children's play place

Magnatiles on a magnet board! So fun!

preschooler building with magnatiles at an Elk Grove children's place

That vintage style fire engine! I love it! This tiny firewoman is off to rescue Dumbo from the burning building!

preschool age child playing fireman at a Sacramento kid's party venue

A little railroad engineer in training. No play area is complete without a train set!

preschool girl playing with a train table at an Elk Grove party place

The Imagine Play Market is so cool! I’m not sure how I feel about learning to use a credit card so young, haha, but the littles love using the terminal as well as the rest of the market. Shopping carts, all sorts of food and groceries to buy, that cool little register with the check out belt, and the payment terminal, so much fun!

Little girl shopping at a pretend grocery store in Elk Grove

For the little homemakers learning to be housewives and househusbands and mommies and daddies, this corner is so cute! A darling little kitchen and a sweet nursery complete with babies (and kitties).

Preschooler playing house with a Pottery Barn kitchen

Imagine Play has creative play for every child! A coffee shop, an animal hospital a giant moveable ball run and many fun toys meant to challenge and stimulate your child’s creativity!

many fun activities at Elk Grove Imagine Play kid's area

Even the babies have a safe place to play while their older siblings are off on big adventures elsewhere in the play space. An entire room is dedicated to baby play so they have a safe and fun place to play as well (these photos were taken before the baby play room opened up. You can check out the new addition on their website here: infant play area)

child playing on baby soft play at Imagine Play Elk Grove

The best part of Imagine Play (or at least I think so) is that the area is small enough that you can relax in the cafe area, drink your complimentary coffee or tea (oh yeah!) and still be able to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they’re behaving themselves. Perfect spot for a mom’s playdate!

Imagine Play also has a great selection of Melissa and Doug toys and crafts for sale, priced competitively with Amazon, by the way! I’d much rather spend my money with a local business than a big corporation like Amazon, so I appreciate that the owner tries to set prices so it’s advantageous for us to purchase from her instead.

photos of Imagine Play Elk Grove

Some things to know:

-Shoes are not allowed and socks are required, so on those hot summer sandal days when you’re seeking some air conditioned relief, don’t forgot to pack a pair of socks. If you do forget, the front desk does have socks available for purchase.

-Snacks are available for purchase, however outside food and drink are also allowed, so go ahead and bring a packed lunch. Please note, Imagine Play is a peanut free facility, so ditch the pb&j.

-Open play hours do vary according to the day of the week, so be sure to check their calendar for an accurate opening and closing time each day. Usually, they are open 9:30-4:30 M/W/F, 10-4:30 T/Th and 9:30-noon S/S. They also have daily art and sensory activities going on during the day to break up the play.

-It can be difficult to find the first time, so do check out the directions on their website before your first visit.

10481 Grantline Rd #155
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Now, go plan your visit and let me know down below what you thought of Imagine Play! Don’t forget to pick up a membership; cooler days and rainy skies are just around the corner and you’ll be wanting to get your kids out of the house and some place where they can run off their energy! Happy playing!

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Darcie What a wonderful place for kids!! And beautiful pictures Naomi!
Lisa Jenkins This looks like SO much fun! I'm amazed we had not heard about this place before - going to have to check it out!!
Sarah All of my experiences with Naomi have always been so positive. Such an honest and upstanding person!
Naomi Harrison Yes, that is a giant lite brite! It was so fun!
Joanna Hedrick This place looks so cute and fun! Can’t wait to take my kids. Was that a giant lite brite? How cool!!!
Gail Harrison It sounds delightful!