A Great New Children’s Book – Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Two brothers and a little sister reading Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Recently, a childhood friend of mine, Pip Craighead, released his first children’s book.  With him being a friend and me being a lover of children’s lit, naturally, I had to buy a copy.  Can I just say wow!  Pip’s illustrations are delightful and so unique!  When we were kids, I remember him sketching characters just like Little Francis, and I think it’s awesome that that character remained so close to him as to make a starring appearance in this book so many years later.

Seven Year Old Boy Reading Childrens Book Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Little Francis Falls Asleep is about a young boy’s journey to find rest one sleepless night.  The book teaches us that we can find peace and rest simply by trusting that God is in control.  Isn’t that a lesson we all need to remember?!  Pip has a charming way with words that captivates the young reader and the bold pictures are delightful and just bring the story to life!  As a side note, I really appreciate that Little Francis has impeccable manners in this story.  What a way to reinforce what we’re trying to teach our children!

Little Francis Falls Asleep can be purchased at www.wearepatrol.com and Amazon Prime

If you want to follow more of Pip’s work, he can be found at pipcraighead.com, Twitter and Instagram.Portrait of a Young Boy Reading a Storybook at a Sacramento Park

Three Siblings Snuggled up in Bed with Their Kitten Reading a Children's Book Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Siblings reading a book together in bed

Young Boy Reading a Fun Childrens Bedtime Story Little Francis Falls Asleep

Two brothers and a sister reading a bedtime story Little Francis Falls Asleep by Pip Craighead

Christa These pictures are so precious! I think reading with our kids is such a great way to reinforce those lessons we try to teach them.
Cindy Sounds like a wonderful book...and what sweet photos!
Clare @ Oh These Are The Good Old Days these pictures of the kiddos are precious. what a talented photographer and what a gift to cherish!