Sacramento Halloween Mini Sessions 2016

One more Halloween mini session event in the books and I’ve now got a small mountain of diapers and wipes sitting in my living room waiting to be taken to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.  Thanks to everyone who came by!  It was fun!  Check out some of the cute characters who showed up!

We had Anna from Frozen

Red haired child dressed up as Anna from Frozen

A lego guy

Young boy dressed up as a legoman from the Lego movie

A baby Lucille Ball holding her Vitameatavegimon!  This little one’s mother has some mad sewing skills; she made the costume herself!

Redheaded baby girl dressed up as Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy

A baby Nemo who wouldn’t stop swimming around the park (I won’t tell you how many blurry photos I had to take to get these three, haha)!  And I had to make sure to capture a photo of how his headdress created the cutest double chin!

Baby boy dressed up in a Disney's Nemo costume

 Three Jedis (and a Jedi American Girl doll)!

Girl and her American Girl doll dressed up as Jedis from Star Wars

Boy dressed up as Jedi fighter pilot from Star Wars for Halloween

Boy dressed up as Star Wars Jedi costume for Halloween

And a feisty pirate!

A fierce pirate girl brandishing her dagger

And a bonus photo of Little Lucy that I adore!

Red haired toddler dressed up as I Love Lucy and grinning adorably at the camera

Hope you all enjoy your children’s portraits!  Thanks for coming and hopefully see you for next year’s event!