San Francisco Lifestyle Kid Photographer | A Fun Filled Session

You know that feeling when you meet someone and instantly feel rapport with them?  As though you’ve known them always?  That’s how I felt with these three, fun kids and their sweet parents.  I so enjoyed the few hours I spent in their company and came away so excited about the moments we caught on camera!  We got such a fantastic assortment of fun portraits of the kids that I’ve had the hardest time narrowing down the images to share here!

Brothers and sisters playing and being goofballs on the bed

When this congenial cutie opened the gate for me, introduced himself and began to tell me all about his family, I was sure this was going to be a good shoot.

Little boy roughhousing on bed

When this darling baby boy plopped himself down in my lap while his mother and I were chatting, I was certain it was going to be a good shoot.

Hazel eyed baby boy in slouchy hat looking up

And when this confident miss grabbed my hand less than five minutes after having entered the home, pulled me into her bedroom and insisted I play games with her, I just laughed and thought, yeah, I’m going to have no difficulty getting personality-filled portraits with these kids!


Their home had the most beautiful back garden!  Mossy fencing, stone ledges, untamed and wild greenery!  Combined with the pretty morning sunlight, this was an idyllic spot for portraits!

Curly headed preschooler in red raincoat

Little boy in wellies and blue coat standing amongst clover

Three children sitting along clover covered wall

Close up portrait of baby in hat

One of the things the mother and I discussed prior to the shoot was photographing the kids as they are now, with what they most enjoy at this moment in their childhood.  For the baby, that was oranges.  He is passionate about oranges!  When his mum let the word “orange” slip in his presence, his eyes lit up!  So, we put him out in their pretty garden, poured a bowlful of oranges into his lap and let him at it.  The kid was eating the tangerines like apples, one bite each, peel and all!  So funny!

Baby boy feasting on tangerines

Baby eating an unpeeled orange like an apple

Baby in a hat eating tangerines outside

When it was sister’s turn for her “favorite things” photos, she was happy to get dressed up in her Cinderella ballet costume and put on a dance performance for me.  Such a confident girl!

Little girl dancing in her Cinderella ballet costume

Little girl wearing a Cinderella ballet dance costume

Curly haired preschooler dancing

Curly haired preschooler in black and white

And for big brother’s “favorite things” portraits, we pulled out the staple of most every little boy’s childhood, classic legos.  How sweet it was when the baby joined in and the two brothers built together!

Brothers building legos together

Little boy creating with legos

Little boy's feet amongst lego

Big brother and little brother building with legos together

The session ended with with some good old family roughhousing on the bed!  So much fun!

Baby boy with mohawk wrestling on bed with daddy

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