San Francisco Baby Photographer | Classic Portraits at Home

I always love meeting new clients, and this smiley baby boy was no exception!  With those big, blue eyes and sweet disposition, he had me completely charmed in moments!  His beautiful San Francisco home, with all it’s lovely older features and beautiful window light, was a photographer’s dream!  I loved his sweet yellow and gray (one of my favorite color combinations) nursery.

Close up portrait of a baby in a blue shirt

Baby sitting on a grey and yellow rug

Baby babbling and waving arms in nursery

Baby in a hoodie playing in his crib

How precious does he look in his daddy’s own baby outfit!  I love when families choose meaningful items and family heirlooms to include in their portraits.  It makes the photos that much more special to look back on.  His paternal grandmother must have loved seeing these portraits of her grandchild and remembering her own son at that age.

Sitting baby in a vintage outfit

Black and white portrait of a smiling sitting baby

Baby fingers and toes

Closeup portrait of a baby with big eyes and long lashes

Black and white photo of baby playing on the floor

Baby in a vintage outfit lying on the floor

Black and white photo of baby laughing and playing on the floor

If you’ve ever browsed my Pinterest boards for outfit inspiration, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve got a thing for Janie and Jack classic outfits.  There’s just something about a little boy in suspenders and a newsboy cap!  Also, how gorgeous is this flooring!  I’m sure his mother thought I was a little nuts when I asked if I could clear the shoes out of the entry hall and take a few photos down there.  I just knew that checkered tile would be the perfect setting for the final portraits of the day.  What a handsome little boy!

Smiling baby wearing suspenders and a newsboy cap

Baby boy sitting on checkered tile and wearing a pageboy outfit

Closeup portrait of baby in San Francisco home