How to Photograph a Shy Toddler | Berkeley Photographer

This beautiful family asked me come out to Berkeley to take their littlest’s newborn photographs and to take a few portraits of their toddler son as well.  Not quite two years old and he was so solemn and shy, so shy in fact, that he would start to cry when I would focus my camera on him.  Oh, sweet boy, I know that feeling!  Sometimes it’s just too much to handle when all the attention is focused on you.

Black and white portrait of a shy toddler staring warily at the camera

So, we sent him off to play with his dad while I finished up his sister’s newborn portraits, then we all went out to the back garden in hopes that the change of scenery would relax him.  Not relaxed enough to play model for my camera, lol, but his mum and dad pulled out his water table and got him busy going with that while I slapped a longer lens on my camera and took some darling closeups of him as he was playing.

Toddler staring pensively off camera

Toddler with a mischevious expression on his face

Black and white closeup portrait of a toddler with big eyes

And since he really wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn’t interact with me much, Mum and Dad were great in getting him to stay where the nice light and pretty backdrop was and got him looking in the right directions.

Profile of a blue eyed child


Closeuo portrait of a blue eyed child

 As a naturally solemn fellow, I caught mostly solemn expressions, but then Dad started tossing him into the air and the smiles started coming!  A tag team effort for these portraits and we were all so pleased with the results!  What a handsome little guy!

Dad tossing laughing son into the air