Sacramento Newborn Photographer | Six Years Ago and Now

Over six years ago, the big brother photographed here was a tiny, three-day-old, newborn baby who slept and slept and slept and gave me the nicest possible introduction into newborn portraits.  A few months ago, I confessed to his mother that he had been the first solo newborn babe I had ever photographed.  She was stunned, ha!  I guess I did a good job 🙂

Big brother giving eskimo kisses to his newborn baby brother

How special it was to come back to the cozy little Galt home where they started their family six years ago to photograph their new tiny son.  Just a week old and he gave me almost as easy of a time as his brother did.


Newborn baby posed on a black background in Sacramento

Portrait of a newborn baby taken on a black background

I love doing these newborn sessions on black, mimicking how these tiny babies were carried inside of their mothers tummies for nine months.  For this little guy, the position he naturally folded into when I curled him up on the background was the position he held in the womb.


I love pulling out my macro lens and taking a few photographs that show the tiny features of a new baby.  They stay that little for so short a time.

Black and white macro portrait of a newborn baby's lips and lashes

His little chicken hands just made me laugh.  How cute is that little hand pose!

Newborn baby holding his hand like a chicken claw

I’m not one for props as I much prefer to capture more natural portraits of newborns, but when a baby is born a fortnight before Christmas (yes, I’m that far behind on blogging), what else is a photographer supposed to do with him except stuff him into a stocking and top him with a Christmas hat.

Newborn baby sleeping inside a Christmas stocking

The darling hat was made for him by his midwives.

Sleeping newborn baby wearing a Christmas hat

At this session, both Mom and I wanted to try to replicate some of the portraits we had done at the older son’s newborn session.  I think we were successful because even I can’t tell who is who in this side-by-side with Mom, and I took the photos!  Hopefully Mom can tell. 😉


And here’s Dad with Big Brother on the right and Little Brother on the left.


And finishing this blog post on a nostalgic note, here’s Big Brother at three days old . . .

Newborn baby sleeping

. . . and six years old.  Yikes!  I’m sure I’m channeling Mom’s thoughts as I say “Stop growing, Z!”  Such a sweet kid he’s become!

Black and white portrait of little boy smiling