Sacramento Newborn Portraits | Caption This

So this little one-weeker was all snuggled up on the soft blanket her auntie made for her, sweetly posed for her newborn portraits and she pulls this expression!  Who knows what that’s about, but it’s made for some good laughs for everybody.  It should be a fun photo to look back on years from now!

On my Facebook page, I asked everyone to caption the photo.  There were some funny responses!  If you’ve got one to add, feel free to leave it in a comment.

Caption #1
“You did WHAT with my placenta?!?”

Caption #2
“Mom, your singing is worse than my crying!”

Caption #3
“I came from WHERE!?!”  EW!”

Caption #4
“Sanctuary!  Sanctuary!” *ding dong* (I had to ask about this one, having never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Caption #5
(with an Italian accent) “It’s like I was a telling you . . . It was DARK in there!”

Caption #6
“Is my hair okay?!”

Caption #7
“Gah . . . Mama, do you really need to eat brussels sprouts and sauerkraut???”


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