Favorite Portraits of 2014 | Sacramento and Bay Area Photographer

In continuing with tradition, here are my favorite images (in no particular order) from 2014’s portrait sessions!

The light in the trees, the pretty yellows, and that beautiful baby face!  Just love!

East Sacramento Portraits in the Park

I adore closeups like this that draw one’s attention straight to the eyes!

5 Carmichael Professional Kids Photos

How sweet is this tiny babe trying to catch the light.

Mill Valley Lifestyle Baby Photographer

Oh, those little ringlets!

Curly Girl-Sacramento Childhood Memories Portraits

When photographing toddlers and preschoolers, still moments like these are so rare!

Bay Area Tiburon Black and White Childrens Photographer

My favorite photo sessions are those that take place in my client’s homes.  Capturing everyday moments, like Baby Boy winding down for his nap, is so special!

Santa Rosa Bedtime Baby Photo Session

I just love the wind blowing her hair and those missing front teeth!  It makes me so happy when parents schedule portrait sessions when their little one’s start losing teeth.  Once those adult teeth begin growing in, children never look quite so little again.

childhood portraits in the park pocket greenhaven sacramento

This little boy is a photographer’s dream!  His sweet personality and easy smile shine through every photo I take of him.

10 Curtis Park Neighborhood Photographer

This photograph from an in-home baby session in San Francisco makes me laugh.  This little darling’s parents warned me that one of her favorite activities was to pull all her books off the shelf.  Sure enough, about three frames after this photo, she was sitting on the floor, surrounded by a huge pile of books, happily reading to herself.

San Francisco In Home Baby Portrait Session

This Old Sacramento portrait session was my last one of the year and what a session to end 2014 with!  These adorable brothers were overflowing with fun and cuteness!


Now tell me, is this happy chap’s toothy grin not the cutest?!!!

East Sacramento Home Baby Portraits

After capturing some sweet photos at home of this little guy and his big brother, we walked over to the field next to his house to capture some fun photos of the boys exploring.  I love this shot of him hiding from his brother during a game of hide-and-seek!


This tiny fairy was happy just to twirl and twirl for my camera.  What a little love!

8 McKinley Park Sacramento Preschooler Photographer

And let’s not forget about the Halloween Mini Sessions.  Check out the lashes on this little ninja!  So long, they’re curling over his mask!

Sacramento Ninja Halloween Costume Portraits

Or the Sacramento Lovey Mini Sessions!  This sweet boy reminds me a little of the original illustrations of Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.  Adorable!