A Day in the Life of a Toddler Portraits in Sacramento

A Day in the Life shoot of a mobile, curious, one-year-old? Yes, please! Lifestyle shoots like these are my favorites, especially with independent toddlers who just want to play and explore!

When I discussed with his mother which direction we wanted to go for her one-year-old’s photo session, we decided to capture her son just as he is at this moment. We wanted to capture her little boy’s typical morning at home, no posing, all natural, candid moments from breakfast to nap time.

First up, breakfast! Two thumbs up from Baby Boy at that idea! “Mmmm! What yummy foods are you bringing me next?”

baby boy giving two thumbs up
baby being spoon fed yoghurt

Look at that yoghurt smeared face and those beautiful, blue eyes

baby smiling at camera with signs of breakfast on his face

Those pursed lips as he determinedly works to grasp a carrot!

baby pursing his lips

And he got it!

baby hand grasping a carrot

He loves to feed his mom! Lots of giggles going on here!

baby laughing as he feeds his mom

All finished with breakfast and ready to explore!

closeup photo of a baby face

One of his favorite things to do right now is to play in the refrigerator. Open door, close door, open door, remove food, close door, open door, . . . Sound familiar to any other moms out there?

toddler boy playing in refrigerator
toddler pulling food out of refrigerator

After the kibosh was put on his refrigerator play, we settled down in the family room for some playtime and book reading.

toddler playing with his toys

Baby toes! The sweetest!

photo of baby feet

What a reader he is! He sat there happily looking at book after book. I love to see that!

toddler reading a colorful book
baby hand turning pages of book
baby playing with brightly colored toys

The books are even more fascinating when read upside down. ; )

toddler reading a book upside down

Pre-nap snuggles with Daddy. How sweet is this father with his baby son?

baby hugging his daddy
baby being held by his dad
closeup portrait of a blue eyed baby

Then time to wind down for his nap. Naturally, more book reading is necessary. Look at his tiny tummy! So cute!

parent reading to baby
mom reading story to her toddler son

He is so in love with his beautiful mama. He just stared at her as he drank his bottle.

mom feeding her baby a bottle
baby drinking from a bottle

Tears of tiredness.

tired, crying baby being comforted by his mom

And . . . he’s out! And sleeping soundly enough for me to sneak back in and grab a few photos of him snoozing. His sleeping position cracks me up. Babies can often sleep in the funniest positions. I don’t think I would be comfortable like that, but he certainly was!

toddler sleeping in funny position
baby sleeping in crib
toddler dreaming in his bed
toddler sleeping in crib

Want to capture your own Sacramento Day in the Life portrait session for your family? Send me an email and let’s start planning!