Fair Oaks Family Photos

Family photos of three, sweet, beautiful children at a lovely Fair Oaks park? Yes, please! I’ve been photographing these three since the eldest was a baby and I just love our sessions together! As always, when I’m photographing the toddler and preschooler age groups, I took a play approach to photographing them. Rarely will I ask young children to pose. I let them run around and play and explore and I follow along, capturing moments and guiding them through conversation and games to achieve the photos I’d like to get of them. It makes it a fun experience for all and the photos come out genuine to the child’s personality!

Look at those precious faces! Do these children not have the most beautiful eyes?

little girl with big eyes staring into the camera
smiling blue eyed preschooler
little girl with no front teeth and big brown eyes

And let’s talk about those lashes! So long and dark!

toddler laughing in the grass

Oh, and let’s not forget about that hair! Naturally, with curls as beautiful as these, I had to grab a shot of those pretty ringlets!

close up photo of toddler's ringlets

The lone boy in the family, sandwiched between two sisters. He’s such a sweet and handsome little guy!

preschooler with a great big smile

Dandelion picking and curls blowing in the wind, so precious!

curly haired toddler picking dandelions

Toothless grin and wind in her hair! This shot screams “childhood” to me!

black and white candid portrait of a happy child running in the wind

Warm summer evenings are a great time to have your family portraits done. Pretty evening light, relaxed summer schedules and you miss the fall rush and colder days. Get in touch to book your summer session before the busy autumn season starts.