Diapers for Sacramento Babies

Thank you to everyone who came out to my first ever Halloween mini session portrait event! We were collecting diapers for Sacramento Loaves and Fishes and I’m so pleased to have been able to drop off the 702 diapers that you all donated at the warehouse this week. Thank you everyone for coming and for helping to diaper our Sacramento babies! This was such a fun photo event and I think I’ll have to make it an annual tradition.

All of your kids were so cute in their Halloween get-ups and it was such fun to take their photos in costume. Here are a few of the fun characters who showed up.

My inner crazy cat lady loved this adorable, homemade costume! What an adorable, feminine kitty cat!

girl dressed as a kitty cat for Halloween

This tiny race car driver was a bit shy and needed his dad’s arm in the photo with him, but thankfully he didn’t hold back on that grin forever because it is gorgeous!

toddler boy in race car driver Halloween costume

These two darling brothers came dressed as baseball players. Their mom is a fantastic seamstress and made their costumes herself! Bonus, the baseball uniforms double as pajamas. I love it!

little boy in handmade baseball player Halloween costume
toddler boy in homemade baseball costume pajamas

This creative little girl put together her own fairy costume. I think she did a wonderful job! What a merry, little fairy she is!

little girl in her own diy fairy Halloween costume

A second little kitten came out for the photos as well! I’m loving the cat costumes!

baby dressed up as a kitty cat for Halloween

How about this Tigger! He may as well have been bouncing around the park on his tail with all the happy energy he had!

“But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is, I’m the only one!”

toddler dressed in Tigger Halloween costume

And the funniest costume of the day has to go to the hotdog! Again, thanks to everyone for coming and helping to raise the diapers and thanks to the kids for bringing their happy, costumed selves and looking so darn cute for their photos! Happy Halloween!

kid dressed as a hotdog for Halloween